Hello fitness and nutrition friends!

I decided to try something new besides Whole30. Therefore, reducing the number of carbs which mirrors Keto.

The exception is I am not loading up on dairy like some do with the Keto diet (cheese and cream cheese).

I am eating more avocados, and coconut. I am eating more vegetables than fruit. I am using coconut cream and coconut milk. I am also drinking almond milk. So, I am still maintaining the the dairy free Whole30 lifestyle.

If you are unfamiliar with the Keto diet, it removes carbs/sugar as the primary source of energy. It replaces the fuel source your body uses to fat.

What I have seen so far!

Days 1-2:

The first two days of low carb brought on some interesting side effects; fatigue, stomach upset. Once two days past, I was gold.

Days 2-5:

Water loss, weight loss. Most of the weight loss was probably excess water. Carbs help your body hold water.

Increase in energy.

Positive indication on keto strips. I wanted to monitor ketosis.

Increased focus and clarity.

Decreased appetite.

Days 5-8:

Belly fat diminishing. 5 pounds down.

More energy during workouts.

Continued weight loss.

General fatigue (our bodies are used to carbs for energy).

I hope within the next 20 days to drop at least 5-10 pounds of fat. I wanted to try out keto while continuing the Whole30 regimen. I have a 10 pound loss I am working towards and hit a plateau.

While on Whole30 I ate loads of fruit which is high in carbs and has natural sugar. I also ate potatoes which are starchy and carb loaded. These items have been eliminated for the time being. All high carb foods have been eliminated.

I have read numerous success stories on keto, especially for the loss of belly fat. Keto Success Story.

Look at the image below, in 14 days there was a noticeable difference.

Photo Source: Pinterest
What can you eat?

Keto Whole30 Recipes: Recipes.

I lost 45 pounds last year on Whole30 (several rounds). I hope to finish out this Keto/Whole30 closer to my goal. The goal is lean, not skinny. The goal is to shed fat.

What are your fitness goals this season?


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