Wellness Blog Ending

Thank you for those who have followed this blog!

I apologize I have not been consistent with posting. I started my own business. I published my second book. I started two mentoring programs. I have also had loads of changes in my personal life.

I am thankful for your part of the journey. I hope something I shared helped someone, somewhere.

I will be shutting down this site in 7 days. I have two other blogs I manage, two websites, and 4 FB groups. I did start a FB closed wellness group for those doing Whole30. If interested, simply comment below.

I appreciate you and thank you! Including below my contact info and some before and after photos. The top rows are before photos; the bottom row is current. 45 pounds lost and many dress sizes.

I bless your wellness journey! I believe anything is possible for you!


Erin Lamb


  • Charity Website: OperationGodisLove.org

Other blogs:

  • Morena242.wordpress.com
  • Ithoughtiknewwharlovewas.com

Author FB page: facebook.com/erinlambauthor

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