Persist Until You See Results

Hello wellness friends,

I hope you are taking care of yourself. I wanted to chat with you about persistence. It is important to understand that lifestyle changes and persistence are more important than quick fixes.

Every fad diet I have ever tried failed me. They did not shift the way I perceived food. What happened with the pills, get fit quick programs, and fad diets was I lost weight and then gained weight. I was miserable because I worked hard yet the results were fleeting.

I stumbled upon a program that stated there was no calorie counting. I did not need to weigh my food, get on a scale, write down everything I put in my mouth. I simply had a list of foods to avoid that were not good for me. It taught me a new way to eat. The stress of counting calories, weigh ins, points, and things with other programs was gone. There were no pills, supplements to buy, and tons of resources.

The program I started last year was Whole30. I lost over 40 pounds with the program and I am still losing. I did multiple rounds of 30 days. I also improved my lab results. My cholesterol which was already in a healthy range dropped 50 points. The 40 pounds came off without an exercise program. This year I added a weight training/cardio program. I wanted to see how my body would respond to just adjusting my eating habits.

On average I lost 5-10 pounds a month. I would do 30 days, take a mini break, then do another 30 days. It would have been easy to quit, easy to say, “Okay I lost 7 pounds in 30 days, I am good.” I wanted to lose all my stress weight. I had gained weight the year before from excessive stress and odd eating patterns.

Whole30 shifted my life. I prefer whole foods and my skin, body, and lab results show the fruit of this program.

Whatever you decide to do, persist. Don’t give up in 30 days. Don’t give up in 60 days. Keep going! Keep at it!! Healthy is a lifestyle.

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