If You’re Going to Have Dessert (Tips for the Holidays)

Someone left a pecan pie on the break room table at work this week. I am not tempted by this type of pie, yet the Holidays present us with one big temptation, sweets! Think back to the post I wrote on the sugar detox. Stable blood sugar is crucial to keeping your body in fat burning mode. Spikes and dips in our blood sugar signal our bodies to store fat. We do not want to store fat. We want to continually burn fat. So here are some tips for you.

1. Don’t eat sweets by themselves. Add some lean protein. If I am having fruit, I will have a few slices of lean turkey. Eat dessert after a meal, not by itself. Breads, alcohol, potatoes, and certain fruits also cause spikes in blood sugar. Look up high glycemic foods.

2. Cut your portions down. I had visitors last week and we went out to dinner. They wanted cheesecake. One slice of peanut butter cheesecake slice had 1280 calories, and I have no idea how many grams of sugar. Sugar not burned turns to fat. 1200 calories is almost all my daily calories. So I opted out of the cheesecake. It wasn’t worth the calories. However, if I had opted for dessert I would have eaten a quarter of it with a smaller dinner consisting of protein and veggies.

3. Drink Water and Eat Fiber. Water and fiber are both beneficial. Mainly fiber is beneficial for blood sugar stabilization. Fiber without water is not recommended as fiber helps your body to rid of waste. If you don’t have enough water, you will probably create a blockage (get the drift).

4. Don’t binge eat. If you don’t eat all day saving your calories for dinner, you will binge eat. Try to stick to eating every three to four hours and drink water throughout the day. Eating once a day is not beneficial for having stable blood sugar. Eating regular meals during the day helps to maintain blood sugar.

Have a very wonderful Thanksgiving! And for those not in the States have a great rest of the week.

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