Healthy Body Image


Hi my fitness lovelies! I wanted to post tonight about a healthy body image. I’ve been a woman my entire life (insert laugh here). As a woman I’ve listened to women compare themselves to other women, put themselves down because of their body, and attempt to starve themselves into looking like a woman in a magazine. I worked for a well known lingerie catalogue in college and the girls in the magazines don’t look like the girls in the magazines. Photos are enhanced, airbrushed, and many, if not all, photoshopped. So you can exhale. Every person has some imperfections.

I had a college roomie tell me once, “You can never be too rich or thin.” I watched her, a size 4, diet and excessively exercise all through college. If only she could be smaller. I was thinking, “If you’re not going to eat that sandwich, I will. Forget counting calories! I’m happy with my size 6-8.” It’s not about size. It’s about health. You can be skinny and very unhealthy.

I also grew up around men who did not compare their bodies to anyone else. They seemed proud of their bodies even if they had some weight to lose. I don’t want to make body image a female thing. I can only speak from what I know.

I’ve heard women say….

If only I could lose ________pounds.
I hate my _______.
I wish I could change my ____________.
She’s so beautiful and I wish I had her ___________.

I want to start a revolution! A revolution of women who love who they are and refuse to compare themselves to anyone else! Every woman is valuable. Don’t let societal pressure push you into thinking you’re not beautiful or awesome. Repeat after me, “I love my body! It’s strong. I’m going to treat it with respect, honor, and dignity. I will not compare myself to anyone else. I seek to be the best version of me!” It feels weird at first, but you can do this.

Just like Jennifer Lawrence stated, you want the generations coming up behind you to cease starving themselves to achieve something that’s not worth starving for! So many young girls are already starving themselves and dieting pre-puberty. The madness has to stop.

Confidence and health are more attractive than a particular dress size.

Be healthy! Eat healthy and exercise. Take care of yourself. Most of all love yourself!!! Cheering for you! You’re awesome. 🙂




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