Get Ripped Challenge Results (Golden)



Hello my fitness friends. You’re lovely. I wanted to give you an update on the progress made with the Get Ripped Challenge! Today was the last day of Phase I. The decision was made to extend the program until September. So we go from Phase I directly into Phase II. I’m excited.

Today I met with the sports/health expert and she measured my body fat. Recall last post I told you the importance of measuring fat loss over body weight loss. Well here are my results.

Body fat lost: 9 to 11 percent.

We had two ways to measure body fat.

Sizes lost: 2 (depends on the item)

Inches lost: 16 inches

4″ off bust, waist, and hip. The rest came from arms and legs.

They could barely get any fat to measure off my leg and tricep. Abdominal muscles are flat and taking shape.

Pounds lost per the scale 3 pounds. What!!!! I’m certainly smaller, more toned, and in better shape. I lift weights 5 days a week.

How many people are so dependent on the scale they are missing the point. Muscle is better for you than fat. This competition threw many people for a loop because they couldn’t starve themselves. The winners were chosen by the amount of lean muscle they have.

If you talk to my doctor, I’m off the BMI charts and need to lose weight. If you go by Body Fat, I can’t afford to lose the weight they say I should lose. If I lost fat, I’d be in the dangerously low category.

So my encouragement to you is this.

If I can do it, so can you!
Health is about a lifestyle change not a 12 week program.
Muscle is good for you!
Measure body fat instead of simply body weight.
Grab measuring tape instead of the scale!

Make up your mind to be healthy for you! You can do this.

BTW, I won first place. 🙂



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