Soul & Spirit Detoxification


This picture was retrieved from Pinterest and is an excerpt from Lysa TerKeurst’s book Crave.

The reality of humanity is that we were made to crave. We are born desiring to be fed, loved, protected, cared for, and accepted. Advertisers are aware of these needs and market their products to get people to attempt to fill voids and human needs through their product.

Eat our food, you will feel complete.

Buy our products and you will be beautiful, sexy, and the desire of everyone!

Drink our cola and everyone will think you’re awesome!

Buy our clothes!

Drink our beer!

Watch our shows! Buy our stuff! You need it. You want it! It will improve the quality of your life.

Here’s the skinny. There is nothing like inner peace and knowing who we are. It cannot be found externally. If it is, it can easily be lost.

I gave up cable over a year ago. I use Netflix and watch DVDs. Since I don’t see commercials I found my contentment increased, I purchase less at the store, and my level of happiness increased. What we focus on we begin to crave.

Many of our tv shows are filled with mindless banter, sex, violence, and I truly believe our spirits and souls suffer. We’ve stopped learning. We’ve stopped investing in meaningful relationships. Technology has replaced human interaction and it’s hurting us.

Over consumption is making us a world of addicts. Addicted to sugar, sex, tv, alcohol, shopping, material things, the approval of people, addicted to technology. The problem is these things don’t fulfill anyone. They increase cravings. Without self control, what we crave soon consumes us.

Families used to sit together and talk over meals. Now many families plop down in front of the tv.

Is what you’re watching edifying? Helpful to your soul or spirit.

Is technology helping you become a better person, friend, employee, spouse,…or is it taking the place of actually engaging with others on a meaningful level?

Wellness is not just taking care of the body. It’s taking care of the soul and spirit as well.

Who’s defining who you are? Advertisers??? Celebrities?

What’s robbing your peace?
The News? Constant reading of social media feeds?

What we consume in our minds does impact our lives. What you want to grow and manifest, indulge in those things. They are seeds that will grow and flourish.

I read quite a bit. I’m a person of faith so everything I read is beneficial, helpful, and edifying. People ask me how I remain so positive. Mainly it’s my relationship with God. It’s also because I don’t feast on things that continually pollute my mind and spirit.

I avoid people who gossip or are super negative. If I can’t avoid them, I counter their negativity with something positive, “Have you talked to Susie about your problem with her? What are you going to do about your problem?”

You are not a garbage can. Just as you pay attention to what you eat, pay attention to what you’re feasting on in your spirit and soul.

If necessary, stop or limit things that don’t make you better!

Take care of yourselves friends!

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Whatever is pure, lovely, and good…think on those things!

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