Don’t Give Up

Photo credit: Multiple Pinterest posts

Hi my fitness friends! I hope you are taking care of yourself. Yes indeed. Are you staying motivated? 

I am continuing on with 21 Day Fix. Two weeks have passed and I’m down 1 dress size. I will do another round and then possibly 21 Day Extreme. I will say this program yields the fastest results than any program I’ve tried including P90X, Ripped in 30, or a gym program. It really does get you results. I think I’d see even greater results if I did 7 instead 5-6 days. My work schedule doesn’t always offer me the best options for working out. Like today I had to go in at 5am. So up at 3:45am. When I got home I was exhausted! I will though work out tonight. 

That being said, here’s my motivation for continuing on… 

I love how I feel after I workout! 

I have more energy!

I like not having wobbly bits…

It’s for my health. 

My skin looks better! 

To protect my bones! 💪🏼

To age gracefully…

To feel comfy in my clothes! 

To inspire others to get fit! 

To maintain all the muscle from my youth…

To respect myself by respecting my body! 

To honor God with by taking care of His temple, this body! 

To cease seeing photos I want to burn because I look unhealthy…

To look awesome in my bathing suit (sounds vain, but it’s true)! 

What’s your motivation??? You can do this. I believe in YOU! 



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