Reset (It’s never to late to pursue healthy living!)

Photo credit: Pinterest 

Hey fitness friends. So sorry I’ve been MIA (missing in action). It’s been crazy busy and I’ve not been the best honestly at working out and eating healthy. Work stress, family things, so many things just crashing in on the taking care of me part of life. No excuses, just telling you where I’ve been. 

I found myself too tired to workout…too tired to prep meals…too tired…too tired to blog or do fun things. 

Yet there was a moment last month where the light bulb went off. I can’t afford to not take care of me even in the crazy busy seasons. What could I take off my plate? 

I realized my last real vacation was in 2010. I realized I needed a reset button. I needed to get back on track and quickly. 

So, my friend Meg invited me to California and I took off work for a week! Whoohooo! Look at the view from highway 1, Pacific Coast Highway.   

I realized as I drove down the coast that I wanted so many things I’d let slip by…it was time to reset. Just being away from people bugging me all day caused me to lose some weight. Stress, my friends, will pack on the pounds. 

I realized sitting on the beach that I needed more than what I’d been living. Not more material things, more care for my body. I was taking care of the spiritual and soul care. Yet all are necessary. 


Beaches off Highway 1, Pacific Coast Highway, California

Since I’ve returned from Cali, I’ve joined a FB fitness group with my coworker. I started a fitness program called 21 Day Fix. It comes with a meal plan that focuses on portion control. I’ve taken some activities off my plate. I’m making time to work out. No excuses! 💪🏼 and I’ve hit the reset button. 

We have one body. It must be taken care of. It’s a temple. 

I will share more information about this new program soon! I hope I can inspire you too…we can do this! Yes we can…

What I can say is the following…

Getting away helped to reset perspective and rid of some stress! Thank goodness. Just getting away from the office felt amazing! 

Getting away helped reset my eating habits and fatigue. We walked quite a bit. Some days 3-5 miles a day and we ate fairly healthy. 

Starting 21 day fix and having a group of fitness buddies is super motivating. It’s nice to have others cheering for you while you’re cheering for others. 

I have more energy when I do things right. Give my body the right fuel and workout! It’s SO worth it! I can do this!! So can you! 

For your health! 💪🏼💯

Warm Regards, 



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