Dealing with thin friends who think they are fat

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Hello fitness friends. 

Tonight I wanted to chat about body dysmorphia. It is a distorted view of oneself. It is a preoccupation with body size or shape that can lead to detrimental behaviors. 

Have you ever had that friend that was a size 0 yet kept saying they were fat? I have had acquaintances who talked repeadily about their weight, diet, or size. I have never been a size zero (0). I normally range from 6 to 9. To some people that is fat. To me, it suits my frame. 

I often wonder where the obession with size and weight started? 

Having curves and a soft body used to be ideal for females. Marilyn Monroe was about a size 9/10. 

Photo Source: Pinterest

When did size become more important than health? When did picking apart every little thing become normal? 

We live in the world of airbrush and photoshop. Who is driving the obsession for cookie cutter no body fat images? 

Back to my main point. It can be challenging to be around those who complain about a problem they do not have. 

Understand the following…

1. The issue is in their mind. 

I had a friend long ago with a sister who was a model. She was thin, beautiful, and paid to take pictures. Every time I was around her she talked about being fat and on a diet. At first I thought, “She must think I am a whale.” ThenI realized  she spent most of her day counting calories, planning workouts, and shaming herself. She was not enjoying life. She was never satisfied with herself. I was enjoying life. The battle she was fighting was with herself. 

2. Your self assurance will not fix the issue. 

You are not fat,” is not enough to fix the issue. The issue is deeply rooted in perceptions and inner thoughts. The person may need counseling to deal with their flawed perceptions.

3. It’s not you, it’s them. 

It can seem like they are taking a dig at you yet they are mostly preoccupied with themselves. It does not register that their comments may impact others, nor if you are larger that they are calling you fat. They may be passively, agressively attacking you. However, it most likely is they are not thinking about you at all. 

4. How others define fat should not be your definition. 

I am a mesomorph-muscular build with medium bones. Being super thin makes me look sick. I have a weight/size that works. Any thinner and it looks bad. What works for me may not work for you.

A person can also be skinny fat-be light on the scale and have higher body fat content. My recommendation is focus on your own goals. 

If this friend or associate continues to talk about being fat, speak ip. Let them know how their behavior impacts you. Otherwise change the subject. As stated before it is not easy to change someone’s perception. If they truly feel or think they are fat, you will not change this through compliments. 

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