Sugar Detox Part II


Hello fitness buddies! Last year I posted about detoxing from sugar. There were so many benefits from the detox. First, once the trauma wore off, there was an increase in energy. Second, fat loss! Third, decrease in appetite. Fourth, less water retention. Lastly, improved skin brightness.

So I’ve embarked on another detox from sugar. Last time I gave up all sugar including fruit for 30 days. This time I will keep fruit, but eat more vegetables than fruit.

If you’re interested in doing a detox from sugar, always talk to your doctor before changing your diet. I’m not a medical doctor, so check with your doctor.

Here are some tips:

Know that most foods have sugar. Read the labels. A soda can have the same amount of sugar as a candy bar.

Protein helps to curb your appetite and is a better alternative than sugary foods.

Your blood sugar will remain stable and you won’t crave sugary foods or fattening foods, once you stop eating them.

White foods: bread, rice, potatoes all work like sugar to raise blood sugar and create food cravings.

If you drink alcohol, you can lump it in with other sugary foods.

You might be thinking, who would want to do a sugar detox before the Holidays? Well, this is the time of the year many people pack on the pounds. It’s great to celebrate on the holiday, but gaining 5 to 15 pounds during the holidays is less than ideal.

So my friends, I hope as we enter the holiday season, you can join me in a commitment to wellness. Cheering for you!

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