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Hello fitness and wellness friends. I hope you’re still on your journey. I have been under the weather the past few weeks. Therefore,  working out has ceased to happen. I don’t recommend working out when you’re sick…let your body heal. 

This is my pre sickness face…I was exhausted. Should’ve tipped me off that a cold was coming… 

I could’ve slept for months… 

I also ceased eating food because it all tasted the same, bland.

So what do you do when life kicks you in the teeth and lays you on your face? You rest! You hydrate! You take vitamins. You relax!!! 

Saturday I slept 12 hours. Yes! 

Rest is just as important as working out. Give your body time to heal. Sometimes we push too hard, we neglect rest…we end up sick. 

I was surrounded by sick teammates and an overwhelming stressful program. Stress weakens the immune system. So it’s good to rest! 

Do you need some R&R? 

What activities do you do to replenish your mind, body, and soul? 

How are you taking time to just be and not do?  

What part of your workout routine involves rest? 

I hope to back in the fitness game soon! Keep up the good work. Cheering for you!!

Warm Regards,


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