Saturday Wellness Rituals


Photo credit: Pinterest  

Afternoon wellness friends…

Since my cold has subsided, I’m back to the 90 day challenge. I’m also starting Saturday wellness rituals. What’s that? Glad you asked. 

Saturday wellness rituals include starting the day with thanks….

The list goes on… 

Give thanks

Guzzle several liters of water

At least once a month schedule a massage 

Sugar scrub for softer skin 

(3 parts sugar, 1 part Oil of Olay Pomegranate Dish soap, tablespoon essential oil, 2 tablespoons free lemon juice). 

Nap or book reading 

At home mani/pedi

Journaling thoughts…



I spend plenty of time during the week caring for other people. Much of my life is spent giving. It’s nice to have a day that’s caring for my body…TLC. Are you taking time for you? Are you caring for your body? When was the last time you got a haircut, purchased a nice shirt, or rested. For those who take more care of themselves than others, when was the last time you put someone else first? Life is all about balance! 

Make wellness a way of life! 😘


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