Beating the Blues

Hey wellness friends! I hope you’re continuing to eat healthy and take care of your temple. 

Today I wanted to talk about depression. I meet so many people who are depressed. When I ask them what they are doing for their body, they respond, “Nothing.” If you do nothing there’s no result. 

There are chemicals and hormones at work in our brains that affect our sense of wellbeing. Serotonin and endorphins are important. 

You can instantly improve your sense of wellbeing by exercising. Yes move it! Exercising helps your body and mind in so many ways. We weren’t created to sit behind computers all day, chomp down on artificial food. 

If you’re blue, see your doctor. 

Also these are some things I’ve done when feeling blue. 

1. Go help someone else. There are so many people worse off than we are. By serving them, our focus shifts outward instead of inward. 

2. Ditch the fried food and comfort food. Eat healthy. The vitamins your body needs are not in the comfort food. 

3. Get moving. Go outside. There’s something about fresh air and nature that brings comfort. 

4. Journal. Write it down, close the book, then walk away. 

5. Take inventory of your thoughts. Is this really hopeless or my perception? In 5 or 10 years will this matter? Can I make this better or just surrender it to God? 

6. Pray. I’m a person of faith. So I pray quite a bit. 

7. Listen to happy music. Music can elevate your mood. 

8. Go do something with friends who are positive! 

9. Give thanks for what you do have. 

“If we cannot give thanks for what we have, we can give thanks for what we’ve been spared.” 

Just watching the news gives me many things to give thanks for! Goodness. 

Hope these are helpful to you. Take care of your mind, body, soul, spirit. Cheering for you! You’re in my prayers too! 😊


a smile for you

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Spoorzoeken says:

    So true. Not always easy, but exercise does a good thing. I went to the gym today and the place was almost empty because of the nice weather, but what fun it was to even dance to the music they had.

  2. Erin Lamb says:

    Yes moving around helps!!

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