Rest and Your Health

Rest is an important part of your well-being. All work and no play makes us grumpy and also damages our health. If you have a strenuous workout routine, you need at least one rest day. Try not to over-train the same muscle group. Muscles need time to repair after a strength training session. It is during that rest period that muscle fibers torn during working out repair and become stronger. One way to cease seeing results is to over-train and neglect rest days. You can even overdo it on the cardio workouts. Give yourself one day to rest.

Our mind, spirit, and soul can become overwhelmed as well. We live in a day and age of over-saturation of media. I know once I acquired a smart phone, my life changed. Before I’d check email once or twice a week. Now, I have email, blogs, Facebook, twitter, applications, all buying for my time 24/7. People expect to have access to you any time of the day or night, and they want immediate responses. We need a break. We need time to check out of the busy day-to-day and just rest.

Rest is also a spiritual discipline. It is ceasing from working and celebrating what has been done. Even God took a rest day. So, give yourself a break. Train hard, play, and rest. Your attitude will improve. Your body will thank you. If you’re working out, your results will improve too.

Whatever you decide to do on your rest day, I hope it restores and replenishes you. I hope you come out of it with a fresh perspective. Next time we will talk about what stress, salt, and a lack of sleep do to your hormones and weight loss.

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